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"If you get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time." - Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

People and culture are one of the few ways you can still obtain a genuine competitive advantage in this globalised and commoditised digital world. Building a strong leadership team with real purpose, clarity, transparency and ability to execute is paramount. As, too, is understanding how values relate to behaviours and form your company culture.

Company Meeting / Startup Offsite Event Design

Running a company meeting or offsite is expensive. Ensure maximum impact with a well planned theme and content.

Create a Healthier Leadership Team

We work with leadership teams to design, build and maintain strong organizational health using frameworks by Lencioni.

Mapping Values to Culture

Values, behaviours and culture are all inextricably linked yet often poorly thought out and understood.

Remote Employee Engagement

Hiring and managing a remote workforce requires thoughtful planning and execution to reap the benefits.

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Company Meeting / Offsite Event Design & Facilitation

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Auth0 Offsite Opener

MX Growth's Clayton Moulynox wrote, produced and directed (with the help of an awesome production crew!) this opening at the Auth0 2019 Company Offsite in Cabo, Mexico. It stars the two Auth0 founders.

Running a company meeting or offsite is expensive. Building a theme, agenda and content is often done last minute and misses the mark. Don't do that!

Our founder, Clayton Moulynox, has owned company offsites at a US$1B startup. He knows what it takes to do it successfully, to make it memorable and to be impactful for employees - making the event a cultural icon for your company and something your investors will see as indispensable. Specifically, we help with:


  • Forming a theme (concept through to creative) which aligns with your values and priorities, but is also engaging, interesting and inspirational

  • Design of agenda, including advice on types of sessions, evaluating session content and ensuring agenda reflects theme.

  • Content (concept through to creation) including presentation slides, video, writing speeches (usually opening or closing addresses or keynotes by Founder/CEO/Senior Leaders).

  • Coaching presenters.

  • Messaging / Marketing for your event.

  • General input in to how to make it a kick-ass event.

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 about this video

Clayton Moulynox Reel

MX Growth's Clayton Moulynox has MCed and spoken at company offsites, product launches, industry events and social functions.

Other event/function services

Master of Ceremonies (MC)

As an MC, Clayton's motto is simply "the show must go on". He goes beyond just stage-presence, ensuring your speakers are prepped and on-time, working with your production crew to ensure production elements are on cue, the event kept to schedule and creating content to engage and include your audience. He tailors his MC delivery to suit your event or function - from being a story teller to matter of fact, light-hearted to heart-felt.



Combined, MX Growth's team has spoken at a broad range of events from national Microsoft conferences with audiences of thousands to small intimate industry events. With our varied backgrounds, we speak across a mix of current topical trends. Contact us for our current speaking topics or to run an idea past us.


Create a Healthier Leadership Team

Confusion and misalignment bogs down execution in fast growing companies.

It starts with the leadership team then trickles down the organization, resulting in wasted effort and time. We help leadership teams create a playbook which answers six critical questions and provides the clarity required to nurture strong organizational health and move faster than your competition. Our methodology and practices are based on the organizational health frameworks developed by Patrick Lencioni. 

Is this you?

  • Your leadership team struggles to agree on what's most important right now.

  • Your managers and employees express frustration at the mixed signals coming from leadership and, in turn, you're frustrated that your teams don't seem to work together effectively.

  • There's a hollowness across your company around the sense of "why". Why do you do what you do? What does your company stand for? How do you go about doing things? What makes your company different?

We help by:

  • Facilitating a team based assessment: We facilitate Patrick Lencioni's "Team Assessment" for you and work with you to interpret the results and implement the recommendations.  See sample report.

  • Delivering workshops to develop a playbook for your leadership team to ensure clarity and commitment.

  • Guiding you through the adoption and implementation of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), an effective executional framework commonly used in Silicon Valley startups.

  • Facilitating personality instruments to increase your understanding of yourself and others in your leadership team which leads to improved communications, understanding, and better leverage of individual strengths. 

  • Identifying gaps in your leadership team and working with you to promote or recruit the skills you need to improve the health and effectiveness of the team. 

Hit the button and we'll reach out to provide you with our schedule of fees for these services and ask a few more questions to see if we're a great fit for you.

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Mapping Values to Culture

Values must be more than pretty statements framed on the office walls. Culture is not simply ping-pong tables and free snacks.

Values and culture must be inextricably linked - if they're not, something's broken. Culture is a result of acting out the company's values. The two come together to drive behaviours that make it clear "how things are done around here". Too often, values and behaviours are in conflict and this undermines company culture and, ultimately, successful growth.

Is this you?

  • Your company values smell generic and stale -- they could be any company's values. They contain words and phrases like "passion", "innovation", "customer focussed", "market leader". Boring, forgettable and, most importantly, not a true reflection of the company you want to build. Be more daring. Be more you.

  • Most people in your company don't know what the values are because they're not "acted out" and reinforced in everyday behaviours.  They are meaningless to most.

  • As a CEO or founder, you know there's conflict between your values and your reality. You have a value of "customer focussed" yet your CSAT metrics suck. Or your value of "strength in diversity" isn't reflected by your homogenous team. Customers and new hires catch on quickly to this and will see you don't stand for much. Fix it!

We help by:

  • Working with CEOs and Founders to establish meaningful company values and weave them through everyday behaviours, building and nurturing company culture.

  • Tapping in to the experience of our team, including our founder Clayton Moulynox, who led company culture at a US$1B startup continually recognized as one of the best places to work.

Hit the button and we'll reach out to provide you with our schedule of fees for these services and ask a few more questions to see if we're a great fit for you.

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Remote Employee Engagement

We're big believers that work is a thing you do, not a place you go.

Technology has empowered companies to hire the best people, no matter where they're based. Done well, a highly distributed workforce can provide many advantages to a fast growing startup. Done poorly, it can cause all sorts of problems both to your organization and to an employee's personal wellbeing. Fostering a healthy remote culture takes deliberate effort. In fact, we hate the term "remote culture". We coach companies to build a "relationship culture".

Is this you?

  • Your idea of "remote work" is to give remote employees access to email and Slack and then, you know, they'll be right! But they're not.

  • There's very little sense of "team" amongst your remote employees. Meaningful relationships are lacking.

  • You've sensed an "us versus them" mentality between employees who are office bound and employees who are remote.

We help by:

  • Assessing and improving your onboarding programs.

  • Advising on employee engagement programs to foster a "relationship culture".

  • Advising on employee recognition programs you can implement to improve visibility, inclusiveness and equity for remote employees.

Hit the button and we'll reach out to provide you with our schedule of fees for these services and ask a few more questions to see if we're a great fit for you.

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