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Why we do what we do

Building yourself, a business or a company isn't supposed to be easy.

But it should be fruitful. It should yield positivity, growth, enjoyment, fulfilment and success. Often, it doesn't.

We believe a healthy company is a better company. It drives better results, has a greater social impact and leads to healthier people. 


So, at MX Growth, we help leaders build healthier companies. Because we've built, worked at, and/or studied healthy companies and we've seen the benefits ourselves. Most of us have also worked at terrible companies at some point in our lives. We don't wish that on anyone. 

What is a healthy company?

A healthy company has engaged employees, low staff attrition, industry leading productivity, a strong sense of purpose, values and culture, clarity amongst leaders, and no politics.

It's made up of leaders who are genuinely curious, seek outside advice and expertise and are open to always learning.

So, what makes a company unhealthy?

There are a number of areas, but the ones we focus on fixing are summarised below:

- Poor communications and management practices.

- Employees are given limited decision making ability or low control over their own work.

- Unclear company objectives, functions and tasks.

- Inflexible work styles or poorly executed flexible work arrangements (i.e. promoting "remote" work but not having the infrastructure or management skills to deliver it).

Unhealthy companies and mental wellness

A negative work environment is now recognised as likely leading to mental health and wellness issues in some employees. Mental illness is now the leading cause of employee absence and long term incapacity in the developed world. In Australia alone, the estimated cost to the economy is $12 billion per year in lost productivity.

In Australia, employees believe mental health at work is as important as physical safety. Yet only 5 in 10 employees believe their boss values mental health or that their workplace is supportive of a mentally healthy environment.

While many companies are improving their mental health resources and programs specifically around supporting employees, it's still ineffective in a company with a negative work environment. It does little to improve the performance of the company itself.

It's not getting to the crux of the problem.

We believe that by addressing the more fundamental issues in a negative workplace - leadership and management skills, poor communication, employees with low control or decision making ability, no clarity around company objectives and functions, inflexible work styles - we're not only creating healthier companies driving much more successful outcomes, but we're also creating healthier people.

We do this through our varied services of consulting, coaching, workshops and other resources that we deliver to our clients.

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