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skills of your managers and teams.

"I feel extremely fortunate to have had Clayton in our journey. He is a "foundations builder". Thanks for setting us in the right direction."

- CEO, Auth0

The manager community in your company is one of the most influential when it comes to business growth and success.

Yet most companies spend very little time training their managers and leaders. Invest in continuous learning through our coaching and workshops. We can coach and consult to your key staff/teams across functional areas, strategic initiatives or execution including within sales, marketing, software development, product management, engineering, customer success, operations or broad business strategy.

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Individual Coaching

1:1 coaching for managers & leaders to achieve a specific goal, outcome or resolution.

Team Coaching (Consulting)

You might know it as business consulting or advisory services...we call it team coaching.


Workshops address specific skills and business areas and are ideal for an entire team to attend.

Why choose us over all the other "coaches" and consultants out there?​

  • Global experience in executing and performing in the areas we coach. We coach it because we've done it.

  • Our coaches includes seasoned people managers who have managed large global teams, people who are practiced in teaching and, in fact, trained coaches. So, we have real skills in mentoring, coaching and transferring knowledge. 

  • We follow a proven methodology and plan. It's not just a bunch of video call conversations with a promise to "hold you accountable."

  • We're fun.


We'll coach you through a particular situation or challenge to reach a desired outcome. Coaching engagements vary in frequency and length, but we have a kick off package to suit most situations in order to get started.

The goal of our coaching practice is to help you:

  • Develop new capabilities for career growth (for managers / leaders)

  • Tackle issues in starting or growing a business (for business owners / startup founders / startup leaders)

  • Succeed in the messy middle of a new role or org change where you have new demands and expectations (for managers / leaders)

  • Strengthen relationships with peers, your management, customers and industry colleagues (for business owners / startup founders / startup leaders / managers / leaders)

Leave us a message to arrange an initial free chat over the phone or email to establish if we're the right fit for you.


Leave us a message to arrange an initial free chat over the phone or email to establish if we're the right fit for you.



Business it what you want - we think of it as coaching. When we  provide advice, it's important to us to build the skills and knowledge in your team to help you grow. Not all "consultants" work like this.

Our expertise includes:

  • Working with early-mid stage startups particularly in the technology / SaaS space.

  • Sales strategy; Business development; Marketing strategy; Growth strategy; Product management; Customer Success; Digital transformation; Software development; Learning design. The best way to understand what we do is to see Our Thinking, check out our Resources and follow our LinkedIn page.

  • Implementing executional frameworks, usually in the form of the OKR model.

  • Strategic thinking and planning across technology and general business​.

  • Creative out-of-the-box thinking to help you stand out through marketing campaigns, attract customers, determine product fit, develop new products/services.

  • Leadership, organizational health and culture.

Team Coach

"Bethan's course about Critical Thinking is a fantastic learning experience regardless if it is intended for business or private use. She covers numerous topics for example communications or argumentations that makes you stop, consider and improve. Highly recommended!"


Marion, Course attendee


We run both pre-packaged and custom workshops. Some we deliver online and others in person.

Current workshops

Critical Thinking for Leaders

DATES: July - August 2020 bookings available - Must book before end of June.

FORMAT: This course has several delivery options:


  • Self - service: Access course content (audio and PDFs), personalised assignment/task feedback from course instructor via email. Generally completed over 6 weeks.

  • Live - online: Course content delivered by instructor in 6 live online sessions, assignment/task feedback given in live online sessions. Generally completed over 6 weeks, but can be tailored to suit.

  • Group Workshop: Course content delivered by instructor live online or in person over a 1 day workshop. Best for teams wanting to complete together.

COST: Varies depending on format. Starting from $330 (AUD)/person. Contact Us for full price options.


Are you a motivated individual seeking clarity and confidence in your thoughts and ideas?


Do you want a better, "big picture", holistic thinking?

Do you want to argue persuasively and authoritatively for your viewpoints?

Do you want to workout your brain and stop mindless, unproductive multitasking?


In today's busy world, full of distractions, it can be hard to really consider options carefully and reflect on our challenges. If we are constantly 'fire fighting', we are not developing our ideas or improving our mental processes. It zaps out creativity and leads to mistakes. 

This Critical Thinking course will help you articulate your position, engage in discussions, make logical decisions and make a more meaningful contribution in your work or personal life. We touch on argument analysis, logic and its flaws, techniques to 'think outside the box' and identify new leads and actions. We examine your cognitive biases, improve your self awareness and help you empathise with others. 

These skills are applied to real examples from your professional or personal life in weekly reflection tasks. These are carefully designed to help you elevate your thinking and create successful 'habits of mind' moving forward. 

Critical Thinking is consistently listed in the top 3 skills sought by employers and in future leaders.    

Previous clients felt that after the course:

  • They felt sharper

  • They were thinking more clearly and strategically

  • They got clarity on some big decisions

  • They were articulating ideas better

  • They were writing better emails at work

  • They were challenged, in a good way

  • They enjoyed the reflections and were asking themselves 'why?' a lot more. 

Hit the button to receive the full course outline and pricing.

More coming soon

Oct. 20, 2019 at 11am


"I recently completed Bethan’s Critical Thinking Course and I've been talking about it non-stop! I really enjoyed the content & format and highly recommend it to anyone who is curious to learn more about the way we think. Bethan facilitated the course so well - learned lots and had fun along the way. Thanks!"

Ann, Course attendee

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