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Three Steps to Fast Revenue Growth for Startups.

Kick off revenue growth by doing these three things well...and continue to thrive.

1. TARGET FIRST CUSTOMERS - You know the exact use case you solve for. So shortlist a few customers you know for sure have the problem. Market to them in an extremely targeted, customized, personalized way...something you couldn’t do if marketing to a broad (and probably vague) target market. You don’t have time and effort to waste, choose the low hanging fruit and win some early deals quickly.

2. BROAD MARKETING EXPERIMENTS - Once you’re won a few of the targeted customers, broaden your target market to those that might have the problem and perfect use-case you solve or a similar problem/use-case. Then work through a long list of different marketing tactics to experiment with what works with which customer. Collect the data. Then do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Collect more data.

3. DEVELOP A LEAD TO REVENUE MODEL - all the hard work in step 2 pays off here as you begin to build your predictable sales process. Use results and data collected to understand the variables between generating a lead through to closing a sale. It becomes science, not guesswork. Ultimately, you’ll know if you tweak “x” then “y” will happen. This gives you predictability in revenue and also accuracy in budgeting and forecasting.

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