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Personal coaching ​differs from our individual business coaching. Rather than coaching you through specific business issues, tasks or opportunities, personal coaching focusses more on your internal drivers, fears, self-awareness and self-improvement.


Below are some areas we have specific experience and expertise in. Personal coaching is reliant on having a strong bond and connection with your coach, and your coach having the relevant experience to help you. For that reason, we offer a free connection call to learn more about you and assess whether we have a coach who's a great fit. We don't take on clients unless we believe we can have a strong impact. We only take a limited number of coaching clients at any time.

Battling imposter syndrome

Often you are the only person holding you back from where you want to go. 

Career change or major "leap"

Taking a leap of faith - moving overseas for an opportunity for example - isn't always easy.

Make better decisions

Most people don't have a framework for decision making. But it helps.

Building better relationships

Really listening and having empathy goes a long way to building strong relationships.

Introductory Personal Coaching Package over 1 Month

Personal Coaching is an intimate and sensitive service - you quickly get a feel for whether it's working for you or not. We've developed this introductory package with that in mind. This gives you the opportunity to try our coaching with one of our coaches for a short period with a number of options to "opt out" at NO COST to you.


  • Free Initial Consultation: Expect a 15-20 min call to discuss your challenge and main goal. If it doesn't feel right to us or to you, we won't proceed. If it does feel right, you'll make payment for the full 1 month package at this point.

  • Week 1 - 1 Hour Coaching Session: Expect us to get grounded in your current situation and outline the desired future then build the steps to make the change. For this short introductory package, we'll focus on one specific area.  If, at the conclusion of this call, coaching doesn't feel right for you we'll refund the package fee in full.

  • Weeks 2 and 3 - 15 minute check in sessions: Expect 15 min calls during these weeks where we checkin on progress against the planned steps, provide guidance, reassurance and advice to keep you moving forward.

  • Week 4 - 15 min check in and 15 minute wrap up: We'll have one last check in at the beginning of week 4 and conclude with a 15 minute wrap up at the end of the week. In the wrap up, we'll determine the progress made over the past 4 weeks and whether you'd like to continue coaching sessions on one of our longer-term packages. 

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