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as a leader or entrepreneur

"The smartest leaders are stepping out from behind the curtains of their company brand to connect at scale directly with customers and industry peers."

More so than ever before, people are seeking humility, authenticity and transparency in their business relationships. They value a connection with a real person more than a company. Top leaders invest in their own brand and position themselves as thought leaders in their industry. This is particularly relevant to early stage startup founders and leaders where you are the most important brand. It's your personal brand that attracts new clients, staff and investors.

Everyone has a great story to tell and unique insights to share - but not everyone is great at identifying those and consistently communicating it to the right audiences. We help you do this.

Monthly subscription

There's no point being a one hit wonder. Our ongoing service helps consistently create, publish and distribute your viewpoint, stories and insights.


Great if you're looking to augment your already established brand or just want to dip your toe in and see how it feels.

Circle Deco

A subscription service to establish and maintain your position as a thought leader. Here's what's included*:

Subscription Onboarding

  • Initial Brand & Insights Profile: We'll conduct an interview with you to establish knowledge about your company and industry. We'll pepper you with questions and challenge you until we uncover your unique insights, viewpoints and stories. This is the basis of your Brand & Insights Profile.

  • Brand Audit: We'll research your current online presence across social, industry and professional assets and make recommendations to ensure consistency and accuracy with your new Brand & Insights Profile.

Each Month

  • Thought leadership article/s: We'll bring one or two big ideas to you each month, based on your Brand & Insights Profile, and interview you (45-60 mins) to capture your thoughts, ideas, insight and stories. We'll write a 600-800 word thought leadership piece based on the interview for you to publish under your name across online assets and publications that we'll recommend.

  • Content repurposing: We'll repurpose the content of the article in a different format, such as a slide show/carousel or short video, for secondary distribution and to maximise reach and impact.

  • Social content recommendations: We'll provide quick and easy social content sharing and interaction recommendations to you throughout the month, based on your Brand & Insights Profile. We monitor the hot topics across industries and online content with high engagement rates, and we'll hit you up when we think you should share or comment ensuring you're part of the conversation.

*Included services depends on subscription level. See below for more details.

Ribbon Outline

Monthly Subscription Plans



Initial Brand & Insights Profile

1 interview and article per month

Social content suggestions



Initial Brand & Insights Profile

Brand audit and recommendations

1 interview and article per month

1 content repurpose asset per month 

More regular social content suggestions


A Big Deal

Initial Brand & Insights Profile

Brand audit and recommendations

2 interviews and articles per month

2 content repurpose assets per month 

Frequent social content suggestions

Pay-as-you-go Services

Building a personal brand and positioning yourself as a thought leader doesn't happen over night or from one article. But if you're looking to augment an already established presence, test a specific tactic or simply dip your toe in the water to try us out, then we do provide most of the services listed above on an individual once off basis. 

Hit the button and we'll reach out to provide you with our schedule of fees for these services and ask a few more questions to see if we're a great fit for you.

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